The Living Planet Aquarium

“We had a newly started coldwater marine invertebrate system with a lot more animals than it could handle. After 3 days of watching ammonia continue to rise despite heavy water changes, we used TurboStart. The next day ammonia levels dropped. We have 75 sea stars and sea urchins who are firm believers in this product.”

- Andy Allison, Curator of Animals at The Living Planet Aquarium

Sea Life - Grapevine

“Sea Life Grapevine has used Fritz’ Turbo Start Nitrifying Bacteria with a great deal of success. When we first started up the aquarium last July we used the product in both our fresh and salt water exhibits and the process went very well. We were so pleased that we have continued to use the product for all of our new system start ups. The folks there at Fritz have been wonderful. They quickly answer all of our questions for any of the products they offer and we use their recommendations with confidence. I would recommend using both Turbo Start and Fritz as a company whenever possible.”

- Karen Rifenbury, Displays Curator, SEA LIFE Grapevine

Riverview High School- Marine Science Honors Aquascience Program

“We recently finished construction of our 30 x 72' greenhouse, which houses our freshwater and saltwater broodstock (aquaculture) along with a number of plants we are growing with the fish waste products (aquaponics). We had a tight deadline to complete the project for our public grand opening and I was struggling with a product to quickly cycle the tanks that just wasn’t working. I called Mike Noce with Fritz Industries Inc., who immediately responded and overnighted me what I needed to properly cycle the tanks. The results were amazing! – by that evening I was seeing ammonia converting to nitrite in the tanks and within a day the final stage kicked in with conversion to nitrate. We were ready for our shipment of fish within 4-5 days. Normally the cycling process takes 6-8 weeks and we were in a panic. FritzZyme TurboStart 900 (Saltwater) made our grand opening a huge success and our fish are all alive and happy!”

- Katrin Rudge, Marine Science Honors Aquascience Program Director

Judy Decker - Lima, Ohio

“Turbo Start #700 is the ONLY product that worked to get my biological filtration going again. Wish I had discovered it before I wasted my money on locally available products. I found Fritz Zyme Turbo Start after extensive online searching for the best biological product. All forums recommended Fritz Turbo Start over any other product on the market. I shared the good news with my local fish stores. I "killed off" the good bacteria by treating a 75 gallon aquarium with an all natural bactericide and fungicide to save one little cory fish (my hospital tank was already full). Using one of the products probably would not have affected the filter, but both together did a real wammy. Cory fish is healthy and happy - as are all of my fish - but I lost 6 pounds doing all of the labor of every-other-day water changes (I was the only one stressed out -- smile). Your product DOES help to remove the non-toxic ammonia. I am now able to add the new fish I special ordered before the filter "melt down".

So glad to have found another trusted product! The extra expense for over night shipping was well worth it (but I have kept that a secrect from my husband—grin).”

Dixie A. Woolsey - Sarasota, Florida

“I am just amazed at how fast my new tank has cycled! Five days ago I added 1/2 of the 1 oz. bottle of TurboStart to a brand new 20 gallon aquarium that had been up & running for 4 days. Day before yesterday, I added the other half, & today both the ammonia & nitrites are at 0 ppm! Nine days from set up, & it's done! My last 20 gallon aquarium took 6 weeks & 5 days to cycle. This is the greatest thing to come along since the beginning of fish keeping! That's several hundred years, I believe, if not a couple of thousand. So thank you from one VERY satisfied customer. This stuff really does work, and is well worth the price!”

Frank Nesbitt

“60 gallon custom made acrylic tank with two Emperor 400 filters exchanging 800 gallons an hour. A 300 watt heater. An eco-complete substrate. All live plants. An elevated 216 watt lighting system. Dripped in clear ammonia drops until I got a spike. Cut the number of drops in half and continued until I got a nitrite spike. Slammed in the entire 4 oz. of Turbo Start and 20 Danios, 15 Harlequin Rasporas, 6 Skunk Cory Cats and a Clown Loach. Haven't lost anyone and the tank is now totally cycled. The plants are already sprouting new leaves. Great product. Couldn't have done it without my Fritz Turbo Start 700.”

Jesse Durant - 01/27/2003 - Salt Water Hobbyist

“All I have to say is WOW !!! I bought a bottle of Turbo #900 to see if it would save my three damsels. I had to cycle my tank w/in 3 days. After adding your Turbo Start my Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates were all 0 and the fish are doing and eating well! I will tell everyone who wants to start a saltwater tank to use your product because it really works and works fast, I'm so glad Ii found your website . Thank You very much, and my kids and I cant wait to add more fish.”

Sean Crawford - Livestock Manager, Dallas North Aquarium

“Nothing is more harrowing then cycling a new in-store saltwater system for the scheduled grand opening of the largest retail aquarium store in Texas, Dallas North Aquarium. I approached using Fritz Turbo Start cautiously because it obviously sounds like a product that is too good to be true. With fish already in transit I added the recommended dosage of Turbo Start to our 2700 gallon saltwater system with our first shipment of livestock. Over the next few days hardly any ammonia or nitrites were detected. After five consecutive days, the TurboStart/Dallas North System tested zero for ammonia and zero for nitrites! I was convinced of its effectiveness. Fritz Turbo Start made the once time consuming, problematic, frustrating, and not to mention sometimes expensive, experience of cycling a new system a thing of the past. Dallas North Aquarium now carries Turbo Start #900 Salt water and #700 Freshwater Formulas and recommends all of our customers use Turbo Start when starting new aquariums or when having problems with high ammonia and/or nitrites.”

Vince Kelly - Proprietor, GoFish Aquariums

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say how pleased I am with your Fritz-Zyme Turbo Start #900. I run an aquarium maintenance business in the Chicagoland area and have been an aquarist for 20 years.

I tried your product for the first time last week. I had a new client with a problem tank. He had over stocked his tank from the start, never allowing the biological filtration to develop. He had high ammonia and no nitrates, and was losing fish on a regular basis. I started from scratch. I did a 80% water change, moved some of the inhabitants to another tank, and added your Turbo Start #900.

I was shocked when the next day I tested the water and there were nitrates!! It was working, and in a matter of 24 hours! Incredible! I plan to stock plenty of Turbo Start 900 for future use, what a great product! Any thing that can accelerate a bacteria cycle that quickly is a valuable tool to any aquarist.”

Richard Bilow - Proprietor, Aqua-Terra Studios

“I just wanted to write and thank you again for helping me solve one of the most serious problems I have had to face in my 14 years as an aquatic artist, aquarium designer and aquarium maintenance technician.

As a rule, I never try to rush the process of establishing a community of fish in a new aquarium. My philosophy has always been to take it slowly, allowing the necessary bacteria to grow naturally. In recent years, however, I have found that the cycling process can be safely accelerated by using cured live rock as an initial biological filter. My experience has been that this strategy safely shortens the time required to establish a community and works well. Unfortunately, as I mentioned when we spoke on the phone, the use of cured live rock does not allow you to stock a new aquarium with as many fish as my newest, and most important, client wanted for his new years eve party. When I added the fish to his aquarium, I knew that I was pushing the limits, so I went to his home on new years day to check the water quality. The fish had only been in the aquarium for three days, but my client had already dumped about 40 feeder fish in to be eaten. As you can imagine, the ammonia was already into the danger zone, so I began to plan my strategy for saving the fish.

I had decided that I would check the water the next day to see how things were progressing. I warned my client that I would probably have to remove the fish, do several water changes and bring only a few back after the ammonia and nitrite levels had dropped. He did not like this idea at all, as he was enjoying his new aquarium quite alot. Since I had already tried a number of the cycle type products currently available on the market, I was convinced that none would solve my problem quickly enough to be useful. Under the circumstances, I decided that I would seek the opinion of other professionals in the business but schedule the fish removal as my best option. The first four people I spoke with agreed that water changes would not solve the problem, and the available products for accelerating the bacteria growth were not likely to work fast enough. Some people said, as I have personally experienced, that the cycle products would do very little for me.

As I prepared myself and my equipment for the unenviable job of saving the fish and resolving a terrible ammonia and nitrite nightmare in two 500 gallon plus saltwater aquariums, for my most important client to date, I decided to speak with one last person - my friend Shirley, the owner of a store called The Aquarium, in Culver City. I will always be thankful that I made this last stop, because Shirley was the only one who mentioned Turbo Start. When she explained that the product contains actual living bacteria and is shipped over night, I stopped in my tracks and asked her to order the product immediately. I am not a scientist, but I do know enough to realize that this product made sense and was well worth a try.

My new plan was to change 25% of the water, add the Turbo Start and then test the water the following day to see if it was working. If the ammonia and nitrite were still rising or had not dropped, I would resort to my original plan and remove the fish. Well, you can imagine how happy and somewhat amazed I was when I tested the water after only 30 hours and found virtually no ammonia, only a trace of nitrite and fish that actually looked as though they has never been in jeopardy.

I cannot thank you enough for producing a product which would clearly exceed the expectations of virtually anyone in this business. I only wish that the four people I consulted with, including people with over 30 years experience, had known about the product. I went through a lot of stress searching for a solution and can hardly believe that so few people in California do not know about such a valuable lifesaving product. I only hope that the rest of the nation is better informed.

Thank you again!

Richard Bilow
(Proprietor, Aqua-Terra Studios) ”

Independent Studies

California State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, University of Nevada Las Vegas


Actual testimonials of FritzZyme users from hobbyists to professionals.

“I cannot thank you enough for producing a product which would clearly exceed the expectations of virtually anyone in this business.”

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