Nitrifying Bacteria cannot be dried

Dry formulas cannot contain true nitrifiers, since true nitrifiers, unlike heterotrophs, are not spore forming and thus cannot be dried into powder products. Be wary of any dry powder claiming to contain nitrifying bacteria.

Nitrifying Bacteria cannot be available in “one bottle treats fresh and salt water” formulas

Fresh and Salt water each have their own specific species of nitrifying bacteria. The saltwater species cannot live in freshwater and vice versa. The nitrifying bacteria in Turbostart 700 Freshwater can survive up to 6ppt salt water, anything higher than that requires Turbostart 900 Saltwater. Be wary of products that claim to treat both fresh and salt water.

Nitrifying Bacteria in higher concentrations cannot live in a bottle for extended periods.

Nitrifying bacteria are much more fragile than the heterotrophic (sludge eating bacteria) found in many aquarium bacterial supplements available. Fritzzyme 7 and 9 both have a one year unrefrigerated shelf life, FritzZyme Turbostart, being 10 times more concentrated than regular Fritzzyme, has a three month refrigerated shelf life. Be wary of products to claim shelf lives up to and over one year. They may have had nitrifiers when originally packaged, but after time the nitrifiers will expire.

Independent Studies

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