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Dr. Erik Johnson, DVM
Veterinarian, author and fish health specialist.
Visit his site at www.koivet.com
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9. Questions

What if I got hit in the head and rinsed a gallon of activated charcoal in the pond before adding the fish? Would the filter suck up the black carbon-cloud and impregnate the media, stimulating faster colonization?
YES. You would further ensure the TurboStart "takes" in your system. But if you did that with fish in the tank, the black carbon cloud would kill most of the fish before the filter had a chance to remove it. I did that once when I was a kid too lazy to rinse my carbon before exposing fish to it. Doc Johnson.

This all sounds like a major pain in the a*s!
It really is. But to anyone who has been on the roller coaster ride of Ammonia and Nitrite spikes, with the resultant fish illnesses that ride in it's stressful wake, it's just a walk in the park.

The vast majority of people with nitrogen problems are going to buy TurboStart, get it shipped to 'em tomorrow, and find it works just great. A few people will ignore one of the "gotchas" and rediscover a way to kill their introduced-nitrifiers. Still a few others will find new and exciting ways to kill their nitrifiers, and in *this* odd case, the manufacturer has agreed to some product replacement in cases where the customer is not plainly at fault. You should clear this with the vendor of the product if you have any doubt and buy from someone who will back you up if it fails. Remember, it's expensive, so don't screw it up!

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