dr. johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson, DVM
Veterinarian, author and fish health specialist.
Visit his site at www.koivet.com
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8. Applying TurboStart

Finally, then. "How would you apply TurboStart to YOUR new system, Dr. Johnson?"

I'd cheat. I'd cheat like heck and take every conceivable advantage regardless of the science, because it's best for the fish. Here're my formal recommendations. Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in variable results and I pity you.

  1. Fill pond, tank or facility with water.
  2. Dechlorinate, and then buffer the water with phosphate based pH regulator.
  3. Install filter and begin filtration
  4. Disable UV clarifier
  5. Optionally: Find some organic "fuel" for the nitrifiers. The best is the "squeezins" from an established filter. Brown backwash fluid from a bead filter, sponge-filter squeezins, matt-pad squeezins, the crap from the bottom of a vortex settling chamber, whatever. I'd collect about all I could and I would pollute the new system with the brown incubus. This will also supply nitrifiers from the established filter but could also introduce pathogens as well. Consider that. DO NOT DO THIS IN INHABITED SYSTEMS OR THE FISH WILL DIE.
  6. Let the filter suck up the brown "squeezins". This normally takes about six to twelve hours.
  7. Apply Stress Coat or FritzGuard and let the filter suck that up. (This normally takes two hours)
  8. Within a few hours of performing #7 I would apply my first dose of Fritz TurboStart.
  9. Apply Fritz TurboStart daily, even if you half the recommended dose per application, frequency surpasses the amount when it comes to effective colonization.
  10. Introduce fish whenever the water looks good and is temperature equillibrated to the incoming fish.
  11. Continue to apply Turbostart daily, along with regular feedings, and monitor Alkalinity, Ammonia, Nitrite and pH.
  12. In warmer water, over eighty Deg. F, "floom" the pond.
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