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7. Fritz Distribution

So what's so novel about Fritz's distribution of product?

Fritz's Distribution
Currently, most product bought by hobbyists are sold by the manufacturer to a distributor, and the distributor marks it up to the retailer who marks it up to the hobbyists.

With Fritz industries, the retailer buys direct from the manufacturer and there's no distributor. Costs to the retailer are nearly half on the same water test kit from Fritz than they'd pay for a test kit from anyone else. This means that to offer the same product, margins can be almost doubled. The hobbyist wins because they get a comparable or superior product cheaper; but the retailer has a better margin.

If you want to deal TurboStart, all you have to do is become a Fritz Retailer. You can have bottles of TurboStart in your store and the information that goes with it. Then the customer comes to you and requests the TurboStart for delivery tomorrow. You contact your Fritz Rep and they expedite the product to your customer. You don't have to stock it. Nothing to lay out financially, customer is educated and their problems are solved, and the retailer makes a sale without carrying ANY overhead inventory. I am sure many dealers wish all products could be sold that way.

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