dr. johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson, DVM
Veterinarian, author and fish health specialist.
Visit his site at www.koivet.com
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6. Is Your Pond Ready?

Is your pond ready for TurboStart?

  1. Nitrogen accumulations are detected or inevitably expected.
  2. Minimal or no salting regimen underway.
  3. Alkalinity supported by phosphate rich buffer like SeaChem Neutral Regulator, Calcoforce or Buffitup.
  4. Filter is proportional to load and feeding rate and
  5. correctly plumbed to suitable pump.
  6. Water is free of any residual medications, toxins, chemicals or other contamination.
  7. Water is dechlorinated
  8. Water is fresh, relatively clean and very well aerated, in the mid-seventies Deg.F.
  9. UltraViolet sterilizer is OFF
  10. Bead filter un-backwashed during colonization and running on low.
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