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5. Questions and Concerns

I had some questions though. I wanted to know for sure that the TurboStart did not contain any chemicals to bind Ammonia or defeat the Ammonia test. So I talked to a representative at Fritz Industries and this is where I learned all the cool junk about the introduced nitrifiers in TurboStart.

I was promised that the TurboStart does not have Ammonia binders. But even if the TurboStart had chemicals to bind the Ammonia, how would that explain the vanishing Nitrite levels as well? So I was convinced.

I think the only problem with TurboStart is that is has to be "babysat" and coddled a little in order for it to work as promised. People have to be smart enough to work around things like UV's, low carbonate alkalinity and other gas and chemical hazards which could spell death for the introduced nitrifiers.

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