dr. johnson
Dr. Erik Johnson, DVM
Veterinarian, author and fish health specialist.
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4. The Testing

So, Dr. Johnson, how exactly did you test the TurboStart?

I had some systems in which I was testing another nitrifying product and an Ammonia binder. I applied TurboStart and it did nothing. But then again, you'd have had to see that particular test bench. The water was tan with filth and had been treated with these chemicals several times. But the way they raved about the TurboStart at Fritz, it should have worked, right? NOPE.

I spoke with the folks over at Fritz again, and I checked some of TurboStart's references, and the people I talked to echoed the successes I had heard about from Carl Forss and Tom Hatfield. So I agreed to test again in virgin systems.

I set up three tanks and started with roughly fifty grams of fish in each. I ran a Millennium filter on two systems, and a sponge filter in the other. I applied the Fritz TurboStart more frequently than they indicated, from Day One. I also fed from Day One. We avoided the "Cycle" with it's Ammonia and Nitrite spikes, completely. The Millennium filters did a better job colonizing early probably because the pads were impregnated with carbon, but the Sponge filter kept the water clearer.

I sent samples of TurboStart home with three local people screened for appropriate water quality problems and they used the compound in their systems. In most instances, the cases being treated in the field were suffering chronic Nitrite accumulations due to lagging filter seeding or performance. In all cases, the nitrites were reduced to zero levels probably due to colonization of the bio film because their filters should have been adequate to "carry" in the first place.

So, I was convinced.

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