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2. Introduction (continued)

But you *CAN* screw it up, I learned from experience. So if you have the time, please read my whole article and make sure you don't "drop the ball" in any of a few areas where common mistakes occur.

Okay, I wanted to "discover" something people could buy and get replicable results. Everyone with a brain who is capable of following some simple directons can make this one work. It bears mention that I did not use the product exactly the way they said to on the bottle. I will explain the protocol in detail later if you want to spend the time.

The product is manufactured by Fritz Industries and is called "Fritz TurboStart". There's an important difference between their regular FritZyme and the Fritz Turbostart.

The Fritz TurboStart is a highly concentrated (fifteen times) concentration of literally billions of bacteria. This concentrate is, in my opinion, the "fast track" to completion of the cycle. The problem is that in it's concentrated form, Fritz couldn't "waste space" on nutrients, and preservatives which would have served to extend the shelf life. So TurboStart is sold on a "drop-ship" basis by retailers directly from the manufacturer. I will discuss Fritz' revolutionary distributor program in a while. Who knows, you might just get rich.

So TurboStart is a cold, concentrated solution of live nitrifying bacteria shipped overnight from the manufacturer. As you can imagine, the overnight-chilled-shipping contributes considerably to the expense of the product.

I've defined a lot of the basic terms and ideas in the Glossary section at the end of this document. Please review these ideas and definitions for an overview of terms like "Cycle" and "Break in" period.

Here's the general idea:
You would need "introduced-nitrifiers" if you have any of the following circumstances and you need "instant nitrification":

  1. New system just installed, no time to cycle because the fish are on their way.
  2. Or, the fish are on their way and they need a cycled quarantine.
  3. You've set up a hospital tank and it needs nitrifiers to maintain nitrogen reduction.
  4. You "got stupid" with some Formalin and your filter's beneficial-bacterial colony is "whacked".
  5. You completely dismantled your filter, scrubbed the pond with chlorinated water and you have no bio-film (see glossary).

So the basic idea is:
You can now just detect or anticipate a problem with nitrogen reduction and simply buy the bacteria to reduce the problem. Just pour it in, right? NOPE.

Remember, you're buying a living colony of nitrifying bacteria and they have needs. They have feelings. They want to be loved.


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